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Vans Michoacan

Vans MichoacanTo take a step back in the eighties just wear a pair of Vans !

The model proposed by Vans is a now classic shoe that is difficult to define as out of fashion. This American brand that is inspired by the world of skateboarding for years realizes sneaker in leather or fabric shaped and comfortable and at the same time durable.

Vans Michoacan , the proposed model, is in suede in dark green or red color. It has a durable outsole with a tread pattern with an anti-slip design. It’s closed with two eyelets and the classic laces in cotton. This model is well suited for a sporty look. It is not necessarily a skater , but is also suitable for those who love classic casual look from jeans to trousers of cotton, whether long or short , and also those who love a personal outfit, can try to bring the vans without the laces for a style informal and inspired by the holidays.

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Polly Pocket Pop N Lock World Rockin’ Magic Fashion Stage

Polly Pocket Pop N Lock World Rockin' Magic Fashion StageWho has to do with girls from four to five years up is very likely to know the “Polly Pocket”. These dolls, in a very small size, for several years produced by Mattel, have a great range of clothes, accessories, furniture, specifically dedicated to them.

Polly is actually the name of the main character of this “small world” but then there are so many other “her friends” each with clothes and accessories interchangeable with Polly herself and the other dolls.

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