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Play-doh Pizza Shop

playdoh pizza shopIt’s certainly known that children like to play through the manipulation. If you have no available materials such as sand and water or flour of various types to be mixed with water and its proper space, you can very well use the plasticine. The material that uses Play-doh is a special kind of plasticine soft and colorful suitable for use by children 3 years of age. Play-doh is a well-known brand that is part of an even more famous American company founded in 1923, Hasbro. Company that since its founding keen to stress how he has added to its passion to satisfy a requirement as important as that of the game to that of a game that could be called “responsible”, promoting achievements in the field of environmental sustainability, safety of products, and in ethical production.

In the proposed version (Play-doh Twirl and Top) the modeling dough will achieve nothing less pizza! There are 4 containers of playdoh, 3 small and one larger, in different colors that can be used to create different combinations of pizzas that are caught in the oven when ready and you can serve pizza using special instruments. There is also a special tool that helps in the preparation of the ingredients as chop the mozzarella, tomato, vegetable, or as the imagination can suggest. This type of play helps stimulate the imagination as well as the development of manual skills and does not reveal repetitive because every time you can have fun inventing a “tasty” and original dish pizza.

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