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La Crosse Technology, Atomic Wall Clock – Home

wall clock, la crosse technologiesIf you are looking for a classic gift that can be suitable for all ages, a multifunction clock might be a good idea for online shopping. Is available in a model of La Crosse Technology, as well as being useful may help to enhance a room in the house. Its dimensions are 1.2 x 12.2 x 8 inches and is available in glossy black / silver.

It is a digital wall clock (La Crosse WS-8117U-IT-AL Technologies_) that regulates itself by itself, marks the temperature both inside and outside, the moon phases and has the snooze function. It comes with a calendar with day, date, day of the week with adjustable formats to suit your preferences and possible seconds count. The time is updated automatically in setting daylight saving.wall clock, la crosse technologies

The display are indicated the inside temperature and the outside temperature the latter is detected by a sensor with wireless display to suit your needs in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius. The wireless temperature sensor is weatherproof, and transmits the signal to the display within 330 ft away. In this regard we must pay attention to the presence of metal / glass that can reduce the signal range and sometimes cause interference. Another feature that available to us in the watch are the phases of the moon visible through a special “small icon” which is updated based on the current moon phase.

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Dior, top coat abricot – Beauty

dior top coat abricot, smaltiIf we speak of beauty and personal care hands together with our smiles are said to be our ‘business card’. Certainly a female hand and cured is always a good presentation and the product, available in online shopping, is addressing the lovers of the nails. This is the famous top coat Abricot by Christian Dior.

This product (Dior B00P14QZZY), for years present among the proposals of the brand as well as the protective base and the wide range of colored glazes: the ‘Vernis’; has few years ago renewed its formula. It comes in the classic clear bottle with a rectangular base, and as for the other products of the range dedicated to ‘treatment’ the cap is white instead of silver as for classic colored glazes. The quantity of product contained in the vial is 10 ml. This top coat, certainly not cheap, is highly regarded for its effectiveness. Once laid, the colored enamel work is continued using top coat that covers the nail covering it with a bright and shiny finish that prolongs the life of nail polish preserving the estate of colored enamel and increasing their brightness. Perhaps the most valuable feature of this product is the speed with which makes nail polish dry, really in a few moments.

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Marc Jacobs, Honey parfum – Beauty

honey parfum, marc jacobsDedicated to those who love the colors and love choosing carefully their look by matching the classic beauty products like lipstick and nail polish also with the scent. For your online shopping it’s the Honey fragrance from Marc Jacobs. The perfume (Marc Jacobs 354 051 901) was launched a couple of summers ago, after the success of the famous Daisy and Lola. It is a bouquet “juicy” and solar also reflected in the choice of the bottle in which the predominant portion are the lines and yellow. To the creation of the scent contributed the famous fragrance consultant Ann Gottlieb and the “nose” Annie Buzantian, who gave life to this fragrance lively and cheerful.honey parfum, marc jacobs

A fragrance that is tasty even to the eye, with a fun packaging that attracts nature and spring with flowers and butterflies with stripes and black and white dots with yellow background reminiscent of bees and honey. The bouquet, plays on the notes of fresh pear, tangerine enhanced by the fruity punch and sweetened by honey, that with his sweet tone gives its name to the scent. In the same line, in addition to the different formats of the perfume are also available the body lotion and shower gel with the always fun pack in yellow and black.

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