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Jenni Chan Damask Computer Tote – Bags

Jenni chan damask toteVery often to bring a laptop with you, there are classical solutions in solid colors inspired by the male wardrobe. If you want something different this bag can give you a new idea.

The tote (Jenny Chan 004-17-040BBIN) in fabric has a black and white damask design. It has a detail in pink fabric that emphasizes the bottom of the bag. The handles are also made of fabric and are well fixed to the bag so as to ensure a good seal. It is fitted inside zip pockets and its external dimensions are: 18 inch x 5 inch x 12 inch, while those that contain the lap top: 17 inch x 2 inch x 10 inch.

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L’Occitane , shea butter hand – Beauty

occitane shea butter handWith cold, hands also need to feel pampered” and comes in handy for this purpose a cream that receives a lot of supporters, of a famous French brand as Occitane en Provence.

It is a hand cream (L’occitane 3253581208892) for dry skin which contains 20% of shea butter known for its emollient properties. This White cream has a smooth texture, easy to spread and not sticky, leaves hands pleasantly hydrated and with a pleasant light scent. Even the packaging is special, a bit retro, reminiscent a tube of tempera colors.

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UGG, Classic mini – shoes

Ugg, classic mini , shoesFor those looking for more, and the comfort of a warm foot in any season, UGG boots are one of the ideal choices. The well-known brand manufactures, among others, these shoes made of genuine leather in various finishes, and inside with a soft, warm natural fur.

The model is presented in the “trendy” mini version, certainly not the hottest version, in that case, better to choose the top model, but it is one that lends itself to a compromise between warm and glamour. This mini version, in comparison to the classic, tends to make the picture less stocky and if combined with a skinny pants or leggings in a similar shade makes the whole more harmonious. Has a non-slip rubber sole with grooves, but to be used when it rains, this suede version, needs to be treated with a spray that makes them water repellent to reduce spots and streaks that later would be difficult to eliminate.

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Costume Rasta Imposta, Shark bambino – Toys-games

costume shark bimboThis costume is dedicated to little children. Surely anyone who, as a child, loved to play dress-up and with much imagination managed to invent new games and fun. For those who want an idea already packaged or does not have time to realize it by themself, this is a funny and original costume.

It is a shark costume (Rasta Set 215057 model 9504-34), the fabric is made of polyester, easily to wear, because in one piece, complete with fins and teeth. The opening at the top of the teeth” is for baby’s face, and arms are inserted in the frontal fins”. Probably not one of the most comfortable or easy costume but allows us to be used outside even on cold days without having to wear over coats or jackets that would make even the most costume hidden and not visible from friends and playmates.

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