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Costume Rasta Imposta, Shark bambino – Toys-games

costume shark bimboThis costume is dedicated to little children. Surely anyone who, as a child, loved to play dress-up and with much imagination managed to invent new games and fun. For those who want an idea already packaged or does not have time to realize it by themself, this is a funny and original costume.

It is a shark costume (Rasta Set 215057 model 9504-34), the fabric is made of polyester, easily to wear, because in one piece, complete with fins and teeth. The opening at the top of the teeth” is for baby’s face, and arms are inserted in the frontal fins”. Probably not one of the most comfortable or easy costume but allows us to be used outside even on cold days without having to wear over coats or jackets that would make even the most costume hidden and not visible from friends and playmates.

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Gund, Peek-A-Boo Bear – Toys-games

Gund, peek-a-boo bearHere is a gift for those who love the tenderness! It is a game that surely will find the approval of the youngest, but not only.

This teddy bear, tender-looking and sweet, is proposed in the variant light brown, with a cover creamy white edged in shiny fabric, more like the “realas an alternative to the two colors pink and blue in which it is proposed for a classic version gift for a boy or a girl.

The brand that produces it, Gund, keeps in particular to the security of the games that realizes specifying also in this case that the details as eyes, mouth etc. are sewn or embroidered and not applied, the material in which it is made is of high quality, it is washable and is tested for evidence of “tenderness”. The soft toy proposed is not only to embrace it is an interactive game, has a moving mechanism for arms and mouth.

When you press the paw teddy says phrases, there are six different, and when he jas finished he hides the face behind the cover to reappear later. Surely this feature will be able to attract the attention of children who love the game of coo-coo that is always a pleasant surprise. The soft toy works by three “AA” batteries included in the package.

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Melissa & Doug, Pizza party – toys-games

Melisa & doug , Pizza party setHere’s a game suitable for little food lovers!

It is a set of wood produced by Melissa & Doug (Melissa & Doug10167) that reproduces the “artof pizza. The set made of wood, is composed of a base, the plate, on which compose the six slices of pizza.

Each slice is already decorated with the basic ingredients of the pizza, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese but is also available a wide variety of components to enrich each slice like mushrooms, pepperoni and peppers that allow each to compose and decompose your pizza as it will suit your taste. In the set is also included, always it made of wood, a pizza cutter and a recess to serve it, so as to make the game as similar as possible to that of a true pizzeria. The use of the game is recommended by the manufacturer by 3 years of age.

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Kidkraft, Kitchen and Refrigerator – toys e games

Kidkraft,  retro kitchen in pink Small food lovers will be attracted to this model rich in detail and tasting decidedly feminine, available in online shopping. It is a kitchen made by the brand Kidkraft that for over 40 years designs and manufactures toys and wooden furniture with which to interact having fun. The products manufactured by them focus on quality, safety and durability. The kitchen style is deliberately a bit retro’ and is made of plywood and includes the refrigerator, the sink, the oven and the dishwasher.

kidkraft, pink retro kitchen The predominant color is pink and the finish is black with silver details. All knobs open and close and the sink is removable. Certainly you have to add accessories and cooking utensils that will make the game a lot more fun, varied and realistic and look like the kitchen of mom and dad. The measures are: Stove: 25.87 Lx13.75″ Wx26.25 Fridge H: 12.37″ LX14 Wx30.75″ H. The manufacturer’s recommended age of use is 3 years.

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Play-doh Pizza Shop

playdoh pizza shopIt’s certainly known that children like to play through the manipulation. If you have no available materials such as sand and water or flour of various types to be mixed with water and its proper space, you can very well use the plasticine. The material that uses Play-doh is a special kind of plasticine soft and colorful suitable for use by children 3 years of age. Play-doh is a well-known brand that is part of an even more famous American company founded in 1923, Hasbro. Company that since its founding keen to stress how he has added to its passion to satisfy a requirement as important as that of the game to that of a game that could be called “responsible”, promoting achievements in the field of environmental sustainability, safety of products, and in ethical production.

In the proposed version (Play-doh Twirl and Top) the modeling dough will achieve nothing less pizza! There are 4 containers of playdoh, 3 small and one larger, in different colors that can be used to create different combinations of pizzas that are caught in the oven when ready and you can serve pizza using special instruments. There is also a special tool that helps in the preparation of the ingredients as chop the mozzarella, tomato, vegetable, or as the imagination can suggest. This type of play helps stimulate the imagination as well as the development of manual skills and does not reveal repetitive because every time you can have fun inventing a “tasty” and original dish pizza.

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