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Gund, peek-a-boo bearHere is a gift for those who love the tenderness! It is a game that surely will find the approval of the youngest, but not only.

This teddy bear, tender-looking and sweet, is proposed in the variant light brown, with a cover creamy white edged in shiny fabric, more like the “realas an alternative to the two colors pink and blue in which it is proposed for a classic version gift for a boy or a girl.

The brand that produces it, Gund, keeps in particular to the security of the games that realizes specifying also in this case that the details as eyes, mouth etc. are sewn or embroidered and not applied, the material in which it is made is of high quality, it is washable and is tested for evidence of “tenderness”. The soft toy proposed is not only to embrace it is an interactive game, has a moving mechanism for arms and mouth.

When you press the paw teddy says phrases, there are six different, and when he jas finished he hides the face behind the cover to reappear later. Surely this feature will be able to attract the attention of children who love the game of coo-coo that is always a pleasant surprise. The soft toy works by three “AA” batteries included in the package.

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