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Pic nic plus, Savoy Lunch Tote – bags

Picnic Plus Savoy Lunch (Madeline Turquoise) An interesting idea that can be found shopping online is dedicated to those who spend away from home most of the day. This is a lunch bag holder produced by the American brand based in Philadelphia, Picnic Plus by Spectrum. For years, specializes in designing and manufacturing of products for the storage and transport of food and in objects related to it that you can use outdoors.

The proposed model (Picnic Plus ACM-144MT) is the Savoy Lunch Tote, _ Madeline Turquouise which has floral prints that recall the eastern end of turquoise and hot pink finishing. This bag is made of nylon fabric lined interior with inside an insulating material that preserves the foods it contains. Picnic Plus Savoy Lunch (Madeline Turquoise) Picnic Plus Savoy Lunch (Madeline Turquoise) is divided into two zones, and each is closable with zips. The lower part is equipped with a rigid container of rectangular shape that is useful to contain the fresh foods such as salads, sandwiches, fruit or whatever is necessary to keep protected. The upper part is equipped with handles for carrying and has a compartment of elongated shape which allows to contain bottles or cans. To complete the bag there is also an external pocket also lockable with zipper. The dimensions are: 10 “w x 7” d x 12 “h.

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Carlotta Clutch Wine Bottle Tote

Are you looking for an original gift? If the person for whom it is like the glitter, glittering occasions and glamours this could be for you!

The bottle holder of wine Carlotta (Picnic Plus PSM-112GG) handbag will prove to be an ‘unusual idea but may prove especially useful in the upcoming festive season and end anno. It looks like a handbag with rigid handles within a flexible and soft elastic strap that holds the bottle without letting it move inside the box, and outside is covered in gold glitter.

There are also other colors like red glitter, or pink as well as the effect of different textures as horses, giraffe, zebra to be able to range on the basis of personal taste or that you can match, why not, to clothing chosen for the occasion.

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