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No personal data wil be retained or used. Google AdWords Conversion Tracking uses a cookie to measure advertising performance for advertisers who have opted-in to conversion tracking on Google and its AdSense partners websites. The conversion tracking cookie is set when a user clicks on an ad delivered by Google where the advertiser has opted-in to tracking. These cookies expire within 30 days and are not personally-identifiable. If this cookie has not yet expired when the user visits certain pages of the advertiser's website, Google and the advertiser will be able to tell that the user clicked the ad and proceeded to that page. Each advertiser gets a different cookie, so no cookie can be tracked across advertiser websites. Google uses the information collected by the conversion cookie to provide aggregate conversion stats to advertisers who have opted-in to conversion tracking. Advertisers are able to see the total number of users who have clicked on their ad and proceeded to a page tagged with a conversion tracking tag, but they do not have access to personally identifying information. If you want to disable conversion tracking cookies, you can set your browser to block cookies from the googleadservices.com domain.

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